Witness Cultural Vibrancy of Hong Kong at These Famous Historical Sites

Wong Tai Sin Temple – The majestic Wong Tai Sin temple must be visited for getting an insight into the culture of Hong Kong. This shrine housing Buddhist and Confucian text is revered as a holy place that generously answers the prayers of the worshippers. The locals of Hong Kong do not only visit the place to offer their prayers but, also for reflecting their sins. Fortune-telling is also among the attractions of the temple that draws visitors in large numbers. By visiting this temple, you’ll be able to see the cultural side of the locals and admire the historical architecture of the establishment at the same time.

Tian Tan Buddha – Your trip to Hong Kong can never be said completely if you miss meeting Tian Tan or the Big Buddha. This 34 meters tall seated bronze Buddha is one of the attractions of Hong Kong that pulls people from all over the world. The backdrop of the South China Sea and breathtaking mountains enhance the beauty of the statute many folds. This Buddha statue sits atop a three-tier altarthat also serves as an exhibition hall with numerous religious relics. The six-tonne bell of the exhibition is also a major attraction. The bell rings 108 times a day,and people wait to see the huge bell ringing with deep devotion for Buddha in their heart. When you visit the Big Buddha, don’t forget to visit a nearby monastery called Po Lin Monastery.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum – As the name suggests, the museum gives the vibrant picture of the heritage of Hong Kong. After spending a peaceful morning visiting a temple or a park in Hong Kong, you should proceed towards the museum to spend an afternoon experiencing the bygone days of Hong Kong. This is a fantastic place to pursue the ancient artefacts of a place with varied history. The museum is spread in 7,500 square meters and is roughly divided into 6 galleries depicting the art, history,and culture of Hong Kong and the neighbouring areas. The museum also houses a traditional bamboo shed theatre called the Cantonese Opera Hall.

Tsz Wan Court – You may not have heard the name as this temple does not belong to the list of the most renowned temples of Hong Kong. But, if you are really interested in knowing about different culture and mythologies, you should not miss visiting the place. They say Tsz Wan Court can give you a ‘crash course’ in Chinese mythology. Life-like sculptures and murals scattered all over the place tells us the story of the Chinese beliefs and mythologies in a very interesting manner. The hallway of the court is lined with deities from the folklore. The terrifying demons are depicted in a way to educate the visitors about the Taoist teachings’ 18 levels of hell. Here, you can also witness the tradition of ancestral worshipping. You can find the unique angle of the Hong Kong’s culture by visiting this temple.

Hong Kong has a unique history, so, it would really be fun to visit and look at it from the angle of history and culture rather than getting lost in the net of skyscrapers and malls. If you have the slightest inclination towards history, then you must visit Hong Kong and see the above-mentioned places of attraction. You’ll surely like to know about the lowest airfare from Delhi to Hong Kong before booking your tickets.

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