Why Vardzia Is Worth A Detour?

Is Vardzia worth the whole city We wonder if we have a relative rest in Georgia after a few days of traveling in Kutaisi. Vardzia is not really on a logical route in Georgia, but a bit in a corner, near the Turkish border. The children are moving tired every few days after two weeks and we have already had a lot of impressions.The caves of Vardzia seem to us beautiful, but not immediately something we could not miss. In addition, we have seen many of these cloisters and houses in Cappadocia .

Still to Vardzia

We decide to go, but with a slightly modified plan: instead of a long trip with the marschrutka and then another great ride by taxi, for which we will probably have to negotiate hard, we will rent a car for 3 days. A local car, because we can not find anything else at this time. In the windshield is a bizarre burst, precisely in the driver’s viewer, the gearbox is ready, which means that the second gear is always “plucking” while driving, the brakes had to be replaced a long time and the tank is almost empty when we board. But we drive.

On the way to VardziaWith our local car on our way to Vardzia

If the castles and landscapes are getting more beautiful

The first kilometers are not so exciting, although it is beautiful around Borjomi.What a nature, beautiful forests. Only when we approach Vardzia is it becoming more spectacular. Clearly we are in the land of castles and give rocky landscapes.That we can drive more than 60 kilometers per hour in the last hour is really no punishment. The most beautiful, however, is when we have traveled the last 2 kilometers on a very bad road. We have already seen the cave city of Vardzia on our right side and disappear again. In the desolate landscape, in which the river forms a beautiful glittering ribbon, a collection of buildings suddenly ends up. We are here. Our overnight stay for the next few days.

Valodia’s Cottage just outside Vardzia

As soon as we walk into the garden it feels like we get home. The most diverse, beautiful flowers bloom everywhere and grape vines shade on the path to our room. The atmosphere in the late afternoon, with the golden light of the sun set, is indescribable. Valodia’s Cottage is surrounded by rocky hills and on one side the terrain is bordered by a fast flowing river with clear water. As a child, I often drew a dream landscape, containing exactly this scene … only the arch bridge over the water is still missing. We get a sober yet comfortable family room assigned with a private balcony offering views over the beautiful surroundings. We are sorry to stay here for only 3 days. This is a lovely place far away from everything, yet only 2 kilometers from the Vardzia caves. Exactly the place we needed.

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