What to Explore in Abu Dhabi City Tour

The capital city of UAE is famous for the natural oasis in the desert of Arabia. The city is most urbanised of all and thus is a modern industrialised metropolis. It is a tourist destination to people from all over the world as the Abu Dhabi city tour from Abu Dhabi offers a variety of options as tourist destination. The construction of this city is done in such a way that it makes the travellers feel at home and entice more and more of them.

What to Explore in Abu Dhabi City Tour

Let us roll down to some of the most significant spots to stopover.

1.  Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The most eminent historical and cultural site of significance and accounts as 6th in the position of largest mosque in the world is Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The prominent reason for the numerous number of visitors to the city, can be reached through bus. There is a dress code for women to enter the holy place which are available at the entrance gate and a tour guide is available too.

2.  Khalifa Park

The park is amusing in its own way and is very different from normal parks. The massive aquarium, train, parks and even amazing museums makes them different from the concept of parks.

3.  Islands

The city holds a number of islands in itself for amusement and different purposes. Some of the islands are Lulu Island, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island and many more offering an amazing experience.

4.  Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

The amusement park in Yas Island is a theme park based on Ferrari and offers most mesmerizing experiences to the tourists. Abu Dhabi city tour with Ferrari world offers World’s fastest roller coaster located in this park which in itself is the motive of the adventure seeking travellers around the world. Some other rides are formula Rossa, Fiorano GT challenge, turbo tracks and flying aces that has been the reason of attraction.

5.  Yas Water world

The next on the line is famous themed water park in Yas Island based on a true story of a brave girl and the pearl which can be seen in the architecture of the park. It offers a worldly water ride experience in Rush riders, massive slides, Bandit Bomber, Bubble’s Barrel and many more rides.

6.  Etihad Towers

Abu Dhabi city tour deals also offers a visit to Etihad towers. The structure is a complex combination of five towers in the city. The tower is a hub of offices, apartments and a hotel and a great tourist destination.

7.  Corniche

The deposition of sand on the coast makes it an apt place for public beach. And is again a great spot for pleasure. The best part is the nearness to Marina Mall which can be reached through a narrow backwater road as it is just opposite to the Corniche.

8.  Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi city tour cost is reasonable but for visitors who can afford more still have a must go place to visit. The luxury hotel of Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace offering an abundant lavishness.


A capital is heart of any country and Abu Dhabi stands out for its incredible perks too. Get your Abu Dhabi trip planned and visit these amazing places to make it unforgettable.

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