What is meant by Budget Airlines?

Budget airlines have been around since the 1970’s, when flights to Spain fell dramatically, and Freddy Laker was flying people to New York for a paltry 50 pounds! (Worth a lot more back then, but amazingly cheap for that a flight to the United States)

Nowadays, a budget airline (also known as a low-cost carrier), is a flight carrier that tries to provide flight services at the lowest price, and often undercutting the more traditional airlines by up to 50%.

  • Some instances of common budget airlines would be Europe’s Ryanair, BMI Airlines, the United States’ Southwest and JetBlue airlines, and Southeast Asia’s Air Asia and Cebu Pacific.

Now More Popular Than Ever Before

The budget airlines will defend their low prices by doing their best to cut charges via numerous methods. Common practices would include the likes of:

  • Carrying out an all-economy or all-coach seating arrangement
  • Providing various “meal options,” where the passengers have to pay separately, instead of it being an included meal service with the price of the flight ticket
  • And by maintaining a “first-come, first-served” seating policy, which means that planes are boarded similar to a bus or underground train and seats go to whoever gets their first.

And Other Methods of Cost Saving

To cut back on operating costs even more, a budget airline may also happen to provide flights regionally instead of globally, fly much shorter flights at a maximum number of hours each way, and work either from a secondary airport or be available at times when airports aren’t too busy.

And even though there have been a number of people who have bemoaned the fact that there are hardly any amenities handed out to passengers flying on a budget airline, unsurprisingly, the general popularity of these budget airlines is definitely on the rise.

And That Rise is set to Grow Even Further

For an increasing number of many travellers, budget airlines certainly help to fill in where there was once no opportunity and passengers can now choose to fly to destinations where the expenseswereat one out of their reach.

  • Budget airlines are these days incredibly popular with many younger tourists, backpackers, students, and just the average travellers who just wish to get easily from one place to another via the cheapest method available.
  • In fact, they have become so popular in some places in the world, that a number of cities have actually committed airport terminals especially for such low-cost airlines.

Places such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur and nearby Singapore are certainly cashing in on the trend, and indeed, why not?

There’s Always Going to Be Some People!

Naturally, the budget airlines business has its critics, and some people, who, after having been enthusiastic and attracted to lowercosts, have later gone on to moan about things like discomfort and went back to using the traditional airlines instead.

But for millions of others, budget airlines are a blessing in disguise and used constantly by more and more people on a daily basis.

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