Ways how to get to / from Catania airport – Some useful tips

Catania hotel to airport

Public transport

The transport system of Catania is very developed and is considered one of the best in the country. Between the city and the airport, regular buses run. Also there are taxis which run regularly in between Catania hotel to airport.

Taxi or transfer of the campaign

The airport in Catania can be reached either by taxi or by transfer services. For foreign tourists its recommend that they use a professional transfer service for transport. At the airport, you will be met by dozens of taxis. However their cost is fabulously high. It is good that there is an excellent possibility of transfer from / to Catania airport for a fixed cost.

Transfer fee

Express services offer a transfer to the airport and from Catania airport at a fixed price. The cost is fixed, and does not vary depending on the removal of the starting / ending point, does not depend on the traffic situation and the time of the trip. With a packaged trip you can visit all the famous places.

All tariffs are fixed, and the cost does not change depending on the traffic situation. If necessary, for an additional fee, the car can be equipped with a child seat. This transfer is especially advantageous for those who need to get to a remote area of ​​Catania, including not only tourists, but also local residents.

How to order a transfer

You can order a transfer at home, via the Internet, or by phone. This is convenient, since you do not have to waste time in Catania, and do not have to overpay. Transfer in any direction must be booked in advance (minimum 2 hours). So you can order a transfer, while still at home. When ordering a transfer from the airport, you must specify the number of your flight. This is convenient, since your driver will follow the flight, and arrive at the airport on time. And you do not need to worry that the transfer will leave without you, if your flight is late.

The driver can meet you with a nameplate in the arrivals hall. If necessary, you can receive a check at the end of the trip. This is important for those who travel to Prague on a business trip, and he needs a transfer with a check.


Compare the fixed cost of the transfer, and the cost of official airport taxis is meaningless, the difference can be 2-3 times. The only serious competitor of this offer is online cabs. A popular search service for drivers works fine in Catania, but it also cannot compete with the transfer for a cheaper rate.

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