Travelers At The Word: Safaribeleving Van Fam. Verlaan

The beauty of South Africa is that it is a very versatile and accessible country. It’s easy to get around and you’ll find a nice combination of nature and culture. If you are going to South Africa, visiting Kruger Park or one of the other wildlife parks should not be missed. Going safari is an absolute highlight, as experienced by our travelers.

In and around the Kruger Park we offer different safari building blocks . This way, you can travel by car on your own by Kruger Park by car, but you can also choose a safari with rangers in an open safari jeep like at the building block Safari! Safari!  Overnight in a bush lodge in a private reserve around Kruger and experience the true bush feeling.

Travelers At The Word: Safaribeleving Van Fam.

Riksja travelwoman Eva Verlaan has laid the true safari and bush feeling for us. Last summer, she made a trip of three weeks by South Africa with her brother and parents. During this trip she filmed a lot of film. On her own blog  you will find seven short, inspiring videos of her trip. Definitely worth viewing. Be warned, you would like to go to South Africa! Here you will find a safari taste, giving you a good impression of staying in an authentic hive house (where you stay with our building block

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