Things To Look For When Heading to Australia For A Holiday

With nearly three million square miles of land in Australia, you can be sure that there will be quite a number of airports. As a premier holiday destination it attracts an increasing number of visitors each year, all looking for great deals. In addition to that there are many ex pats from all over the world, particularly the UK, so they also fly back to see family on a regular basis – and of course, their family and friends visit them whenever possible.

All this results in a country of busy and numerous airports, each serving a particular area of Australia. Some are international hubs, while others serve internal flights. With the vast expanses of desert and inhospitable land between many of the towns, there are also many small air strips making your holiday journal all that more interesting.

Heading to Australia For A Holiday

The five busiest airports are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide who between them carry in the region of ninety million passengers per year. Many of these are international flights, but some of the heaviest used routes are within Australia itself. However, incredibly, there are estimated to be over 300 paved airports in Australia and a further minimum of 100 unpaved airstrips!

Many airlines fly into Australia and flights can be booked through Totally Australia Flights, Skyscanner or the airline you prefer to travel with, including their flagship national airline, Qantas as well as other airlines such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines, China Air, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific.

Travelling to Australia is always going to be quite costly; even at the best of times. Then, of course, if you are aiming for other domestic destinations such as Launceston, there are few, if any, direct flights to this part of the country.

Your best bet will always be to take a flight to Sydney or another of the largest cities in Australia. Then you can take a domestic flight to Launceston. This generally tends to work out as being the cheaper option.

Launceston is an ideal destination for a holiday start in the breath taking beauty of Tasmania.. This town is served by a good airport and is perfect for any accommodation needs: be this from more simple hotels to furnished apartment accommodation.

Having worked within the travel industry in the past, I have always kept a very close eye on when you are able to find the best deals on flights to Australia. This has tended to work out as being during the Australian winter – especially between the months of May and August. At this time of year you can expect to save quite a few dollars on your airfare and premium cabins tend to be the cheapest you will ever find them advertised at. With the Tasmania, winter can work out as being the ideal time to head to the area.

Sydney, being a metropolis of Australian culture and values, is a city that is friendly, welcoming and an all round fun place to visit. If you’re taking your family to Sydney, whether for a domestic weekend or an international holiday, there are plenty of sights and events to keep you and your family entertained for days.

Sydney is an extremely lively city and first timers are sometimes a little daunted and are overwhelmed by all the things to do. Many international tourists believe that there are only two attractions in Sydney: the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. That’s like saying the only thing to see in London is Big Ben and in New York, the statue of Liberty or in Amsterdam the canals.

Sydney is filled with family friendly fun and entertainment and there is plenty for the kids to enjoy. Sydney’s proximity to the water makes it an ideal family friendly location and as a result, many of the fun things to do can be done in the bays and harbours of Sydney.

One such thing to do is Attack of the Pirates, this is a spectacular show that is a Pirate lover’s dream as actors take on the role of Pirates on the high seas and you are transported in a faithful replica of an ancient Pirate ship across Sydney harbour.

The show lasts about an hour and departs from Campbell’s Cove in the historic Rocks area of downtown Sydney. During the show a story plays out, the story is one you’d expect from a typical Pirate adventure: Treasure hunting, an unscrupulous crew and a captain that’s losing control of his ship all blended together with plenty of swordfights, stunts, cannon fire and shivering timbers. The show incorporates plenty of humour and kids will love the interaction they get with the pirate crew. There’s also a mast climb that is only available for adults so if you feel like showing off for your kids, then there’s no better place to do it then on a Pirate ship.

In keeping with the maritime theme and If you’re feeling like you’re more into observation rather than interaction, then you can board several historic craft in Darling Harbour at the Australian National Maritime museum. The museum is both indoor and outdoor and tells the story of Australia’s vast and rich maritime history in detail and lets you explore the vessels from yesteryear. There are also temporary exhibitions at different times at the museum so be sure to check the website before you visit to see what’s going on before you plan your visit.

Of course, there the many family friendly beaches that Sydney offers. You can stroll along Bondi or Coogee and really soak up the hours of fun that you can have watching the kids learning how to surf. Surfing is an important past time for many Sydneysiders and you can learn from the best at Bondi, they will teach you and your family techniques to stay upright and how to ride those waves like a pro. There are hours of fun to be had on the beaches of Sydney and kids will immensely enjoy playing in the water while their parents soak up the sun and atmosphere that only a Sydney beach can offer.

So, where is the best family entertainment in Sydney? The answer is the best family entertainment IS Sydney. Sydney is filled with family friendly activities that everywhere you turn it seems like there is something new going on. Like many big cities, Sydney wouldn’t be a great city if it didn’t have fun activities and places to see for the family.

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