Questions to Ask a Coach Hire Service Before Booking

Coach hire is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of transport throughout the UK, people are starting to use these vehicles for all kinds of excursions, from weekend trips away in the countryside to commuting into the city for work. There are various reasons as to why people are choosing to travel by coach, the following article provides some questions to ask when booking a coach hire service.

Questions to Ask a Coach Hire Service Before Booking

Is there air conditioning on-board?

If you are travelling on a long-haul journey, and your trip is during the summer, you must make sure that the company you book with provides a coach with air conditioning on-board. You can ask about the model of the coach and find out how long it has been in service. You’ll want to book with an organisation who run a fleet of newly purchased, superbly maintained coaches, not an old, rickety vehicle with a prehistoric air conditioning unit.

What areas do they cover?

Before hiring a coach, you must find out what areas in the UK they cover, if you are based in the capital and wish to travel to an adjacent county, it is important to find out if they service the surrounding counties. There are numerous coach hire companies scattered throughout London that can provide a well-maintained vehicle that can take you nationwide, and often abroad if necessary.

Is it ok to eat and drink on-board?

If you’re taking a trip with young kids, it is important to know if you can bring your own food or purchase refreshments on-board, some coach hire companies provide complimentary meals when you travel a certain distance or pay for a specific type of seat. Some of the more high-quality coach hire businesses even provide on-board kitchens if you’d like to prepare light snacks for the kids.

Can I bring my pet on a private coach trip?

Even if you hire your own private coach, nearly all coach hire companies won’t allow you to bring pets on-board the vehicle, they hire their fleet out to clientele on a regular basis and can’t allow pets to damage or soil the interior, furthermore, private coaches are kitted out with some top-quality furnishings than would be very expensive to replace if damaged.

Is alcohol forbidden on the coach?

Most coach hire companies allow alcohol on-board their vehicles as long as the passengers aren’t intoxicated when entering the coach. But, in the UK, laws prevent coach hire companies allowing passengers to drink who are being transported to football games.

Will it cost more if I book a coach for the evening or night?

Some coach hire companies will charge extra for pick ups which are out of hours, but if you shop around you’ll find ones who don’t charge any additional fees.

Before booking a coach hire service, make sure you ask them a list of questions which you feel may be relevant to you and your party. There are different laws and regulations governing coach hire in the UK, so it is better to ask before hiring a service.

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