Questions Before Departure Check Out The Webinar!

Last week, Thursday, our colleagues Lotte and Judith stood for the camera (Read also: who are we? ). This is because many of our travelers leave for South Africa soon and we would like to answer their questions before departure. Nice but exciting! The result may be (I think) and is very useful. Are you leaving for South Africa soon and do you have unanswered questions? Then check out the webinar and who knows your question there … (and you can of course always contact us)

Questions Before Departure Check Out The Webinar

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Are you completely in it and you want to prepare yourself? For example, vaccinations, airport parking, convenient travel or travel pharmacy tips … We have created a special page where you will find a collection of  additional services and useful links , with partners we would like to cooperate with. To make the rules and choices a little easier for you.

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