On Sea Safaris Kayaking Between Whales And Penguins

At South Africa and safari you may not think about the ‘Marine Big Five’ directly. Because next to the Big Five of land animals – the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard – South Africa also has a Big Five of marine animals! This consists of whale, dolphin, shark, penguin and fur robbery (a kind of sea lion).

Whales for the coast

The best season for whaling is from July to November. Then you can spot these giant mammals along the coast between Cape Town and Plettenberg. There are a number of specific “whale spots” created where you can ride the water from the shore with your binoculars. One of the most famous places is Hermanus Bay. Hear a hornshell, quickly to the coastline, as it means whales have been signaled.

Safaris Kayaking Between Whales And Penguins

Zeekajakend looking for whales

The water in the bay of Hermanus is quieter than on the open sea and so we organize a special excursion: the kayak sea safari building block . In a colored kayak, with paddle in hand, navigating through the water looking for animals. After an extensive briefing of the guide, we went to the kayak. Surprisingly stable, also for inexperienced kayakers. Of course whale whipping is the ultimate experience: a tail above the water, a body of 14 meters long … wow. All the time when a little one is swimming next to it. In the right season it is certainly possible.

Also out of season is recommended

Even outside the whale season , this excursion is recommended, because in the other months of the year you will be able to see dodging, dolphin and fur penguins. It’s so nice to see how the fur bugs dive around the kayak and sometimes even curiously take a look.
Popular port of Hermanus

Hermanus  himself is also a surprisingly nice place. It is an old fishing village that has now been transformed into a tourist hotspot. You will find a cozy harbor, several restaurants and terraces and it is a popular place for South Africans for a weekend getaway. Between Cape Town and Hermanus is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in South Africa; the R44. This winding mountain road swings along the ocean and gives amazing views on the road. Take time, as we got enough stops for a picnic or picnic.

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