Malaria-Free Travel Through South Africa

We hear from many travelers: what are the malaria-free areas in South Africa? And can we spot many animals there? Well, fortunately! In relative terms, there is only a small area in South Africa where it is recommended to swallow malaria pills. This area (unfortunately) covers the entire Kruger National Park and runs to the east coast at the Hluhluwe National Park . But do not worry, there are plenty of places where you can safely take safaris and do not have to think about malaria tablets. We put them in front of you.

Travel Through South Africa

Addo Elephant Park

As the name suggests, you will spot in Addo Elephant Parkmainly elephants. But there are also many other animals to see like swimmers, kudu’s, zebras and buffalo. Perhaps you even spot lions in the distance or see a jackal crossing the road. If you are really lucky you can take off all Big Five on your list. You just sleep outside Addo Elephant Park in a small guesthouse with a swimming pool. With your rental car you have a full day of wild potholes in the park and in the morning you do not have to think about swallowing a malaria pill. Feel free to ride in early spring, because the animals are the most active. Tip: Also go by the water dams in the park. Here you see (hopefully) in the late afternoon whole herds of elephants drink a lot of liters of water.

Sibuya Game Reserve

Near the city of Port Elizabeth you can go malaria free on safari in Sibuya Game Reserve. With the ‘ Safari on the Cape Coast ‘ building, you first travel to Kenton-on-Sea. Then you go to Sibuya by boat and get to your safari tent overlooking the crooked river. Wow! There are only ten safari tents, so you do not encounter many other travelers. In the afternoon you go with an experienced ranger looking for wildlife. He explains how he can track the animals on the basis of excrement. You also have the chance to spot the big five! After a lot of spotted animals, you’ll be back after sunset for dinner at the campfire. In the evening you’ll be on your porch overlooking the park and sipping an Amarula drink.

Pilanesberg and Entabeni

To the north of Johannesburg lies the wildlife park Entabeni and Pilanesberg . Here too you can take care of safari without worrying about any
malariamuggen. Here too you spot the Big Five with great luck. The fun of this building is the change. In Entabeni you are heading for an experienced ranger, where you will be in Pilanesberg yourself in your own rental car. Here too you sleep in the middle of the park, we find ourselves a must to experience the optimal safari feeling. You go straight when you wake up to safari in the morning, as the animals are the most active at the moment. Slowly you start the ride through the game park, through the bushes and in the distance, afraid to miss the animals. After an intensive day of wild potholes you will come to the camp again. Take a refreshing swim in the pool and slide at the braai in the evening.

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