Make Your Holiday a Cycling Holiday

The best way to see an area up-close and get your exercise simultaneously is to take a bicycle on an excursion. It even becomes more exciting when you can cycle through one of the various places in Europe. Biking holidays are offered that take cyclists to such places as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, Montenegro, and Portugal. You can also cycle in a variety of locales in England, France, Germany, Ireland, and Holland.

Make Your Holiday a Cycling Holiday

Bespoke Travel

Some travellers enjoy bike and boat holidays while others take guided cycling trips or participate in a family-cycling vacation. When you book a cycling trip, you can also opt for bespoke travel. Customised cycling can be arranged that is based on a self-guided tour, allowing guests to visit preferred sites.

Therefore, when you review the cycling holidays that are offered online, you have a lot to consider. To make a decision, you need to narrow down the places where you would want to travel. You also need to determine if you’re going to take part in a self-guided trip or a guided journey. Also, you have to consider the time of year you want to go. Most cycling trips are featured from the early spring to the late fall.

Experience an Area’s Culture and Foods

Trips that are featured allow you to experience an area’s culture as well as local foods. Stopping points enable food-lovers to savour some of the great cuisines of Europe. Also, most tours feature stops where history buffs can delight in attractions of historical importance. Not only that, the scenery is beautiful. Scenic, memorable routes are always a significant feature of the trips. Some cyclers want more of a challenge. In these instances, tours are designed that display more rough terrains.

Visiting Slovenia by Bike

Slovenia is one of the unique places you should visit on a cycling tour. This central European country is hailed for its lakes, skiing, and mountainous terrain. One of the favourite spots in Slovenia is Lake Bled in the town of Bled. The glacial lake is unique because the hot springs feed into it. Also, the area features an islet with a church and a medieval castle. The capital of the country, Ljubljana, highlights a combination of modern buildings and baroque architecture. Visitors also enjoy the view along the Ljubljanica River.

Western European Trips: Cycling in Germany

Maybe you would prefer to visit Western Europe. If so, you will enjoy the views along the Bavarian Lakes in Germany. The Baltic Coast, from Lubeck to Flensburg is another desirable escape. You can explore three lakes and the countries of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria on one featured tour. Whatever you end up choosing, you will find the adventure to be one that you will never forget.

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