Inspiration: The Best Books And films About South Africa

We are a fan of South Africa! We prefer to travel through the country, but if we can not, we would like to talk to you (we are lucky to sell South Africa is also our job) and talk in our free time we would rather like a good movie Or we read a book about South Africa. So special for you, we’ve put together a top 5 with the best books and films connected with the country. These are ideal prior to your trip to South Africa, or to learn more about this beautiful country. Or just to take on travel as good reading!

Our top 5: South Africa book tip

  1. The Long Road to Freedom – Nelson Mandela

This book is just right when you want to know more about the history of South Africa and the life of Nelson Mandela, which made the country very clear. Nelson Mandela explains in detail about his childhood and youth, his political career and of course the 27 years he spent in prison. No slight cost, but very interesting.
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The Best Books And films About South Africa

Expand our  building stone Explore the Cape with a visit to Robben Island.

  1. The thriller series of Deon Meyer – all stories take place in South Africa.

Do you like thrillers and want to get to know South Africa in this way? Take a look at one of Deon Meyer’s thrillers in the South Africa series. The books with the names ‘Icarus’, ‘Cobra’ and ‘7 days’ all play in South Africa. Many of the stories take place in Cape Town and treat historical themes. This way, by reading an exciting story, you will also learn a lot about the history of the country.
See more about these titles: Icarus , Cobra , 7 days .

  1. Afrikaans with a wink – Peter and Gaby Beekmans

This is a booklet about the Afrikaans language and has been written by a couple who traveled through South Africa for many years. During their travels, they have remembered and written the best Afrikaans words, expressions and sayings in this book. We found laughing, vultures and roar!
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  1. Help, I’ve become blank – Bram Vermeulen

The author of this book makes you think very much. In this book he writes about his time in South Africa. It is a discovery journey through the country where no one escapes the stereotypes associated with skin color. The battle between blank and black is well-known. Recommended!
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  1. South Africa in a backpack – Dolf de Vries

In South Africa in a backpack, writer Dolf de Vries takes you to the various places South Africa is rich, from Cape Town to Robben Island and Namaqueland to Venda. In a camper he traveled with his wife traveled in 2003 through the country. In the book he describes the many encounters with residents of the country, but also about culture and nature.
If you want to purchase this book, you will find him here .

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