How to Plan a Caribbean Holiday

The Caribbean Sea is slightly southeast of the main land mass of the United States and just to the east of Mexico. It is typically considered a subregion of North America. In the Caribbean, there are about 700 different islands which are organised into 30 distinct territories. These territories include states, territories, dependencies, protectorates and more. All of that means that there are dozens of great holidays you can take while you’re in the Caribbean. Many of the islands of the Caribbean are former British colonies; they are often members of the Commonwealth realm and honour the British Monarch as their head of state. One such island is Barbados. It is one of the most luxurious and inviting tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

famous Barbados hotels such as Sandy Lane

Barbados Travel

In Barbados, almost half of the tourists are from the UK. The rest are from the United States and Canada. Having this many tourists from the US, UK, and Canada means a few things. For one, it means that the hotels and restaurants will be well-suited to English palates. You won’t have to worry about the Caribbean food being too spicy or too foreign.

As you are looking for hotels and restaurants, you’ll need to find a way to choose between many different places. There are some very famous Barbados hotels such as Sandy Lane. It is one of the most commonly researched hotels in the region. This hotel has been around for a very long time and is often booked months in advance. However, is it worth the hype? Is the hotel everything that people say it is?

Hotel Reviews

If you’re looking for a great hotel, you need to find great hotel reviews. When you go to a hotel’s website, they’ll likely post some reviews. Obviously, these reviews are not trustworthy. These are reviews specifically chosen by the business itself to make it look great. You need to find reviews from independent sources that have no incentive to tell falsehoods. To find independent reviews you can trust, you need a site that only allows members to post reviews. Since individuals must sign up for a membership before they can write a review, you can rest assured that only people who have been vetted can write reviews. This in turn means that they’ve actually stayed at the hotel they are reviewing and can therefore offer trustworthy advice.

When you choose a website that offers memberships, they will make sure that no reviews are written by people who are paid by a hotel or some other company to write reviews. Far too often, unscrupulous businesses will hire people to write favourable reviews of their business and write unfavourable reviews of their competitors. With vetted honest reviewers, you’ll get great advice and great photos that show what your Barbados stay will look like.

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