Hotel Guides: Consider These Elements in Looking for Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel

Some of the creative hotels (in terms of amenities and designs) are being developed all over the world. From underwater hotels to treetop highways, new establishments are pushing the limits of what an old hotel experience should feel like. No matter how much hotels advance, there are still some “basic” necessities that all hotels have to meet to make their experiences both comfy and welcoming to visitors. Hotel staff and hoteliers pay closer attention to ensure your hotels can guarantee these expectations. When looking for Tsim Sha Tsui hotel, you should think about these elements:

Comfortable Bedrooms. At the end of the day, hotels serve as a basic need. It provides an area to rest your head, but only if the bed is made from high-quality materials, well-maintained, and well-designed. Also, it has to be well-positioned in the room to permit circulation. Other hotels take the chance of being imaginative with the blankets and pillows – as long as guests feel comfortable with the choices available to them.

Bathroom Plumbing. The reason this is highlighted is that this affects the entire bathroom. Hot water is of no use if it’s just trickling down. Lack of proper water flow from the toilet and sink is a tough burden and inconvenience to any visitor. All visitors should expect no leaks, flowing water in the toilet and sink, continuous hot running water in the shower, and potable water.

Attentive Hotel Staff. Usually, hotels have the standard “answer the phone in three minutes” protocol. This doesn’t happen as often as visitors would like. Sometimes the call is directed to a staff that doesn’t have the information but is rather there just to answer the phone! No matter which hotel it is, the establishment should appoint a skilled agent who’s able to effectively address and answer the visitor’s queries and concerns and refer them to the right department if necessary.

Lighting. This is a huge concern across a lot of hotels. Most don’t offer proper lighting in the hotel rooms, from bedside lamps to bathrooms. It’s a burden for visitors across the board. An improved lighting serves to enhance the guestroom experience and offer heightened security.

Aroma. Upon entering the hotel and room, the smell of the establishment has a huge impact on every guest’s impressions. Visitors are sensitive to newly created hotel “signature” fragrances or the stale smells from bathrooms and carpets, which could affect the guests’ perception of a hotel’s cleanliness and quality.

Tasty Meals. The availability of beverage and food outlets differs based on the hotel’s service level but other specific things, that includes breakfast, are a basic feature that adds to their experience. Even budget hotels could be located near an all-day diner which caters to hotel visitors. Access to an affordable and convenient breakfast is turning from a plus to a necessity.

Check-In/Check-Out. Now, a concierge and front check-in and check-out experience are developing – from pod check-ins to a personalized iPad check-in. While these features are alluring, hotels should stay focused on specific elements of a check-in/check-out process that affects the guests.

No matter what the process of interaction, the hotel must be able to provide the exact same experience on a daily basis so that guests develop a sense of comfort with the hotel.

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