Glorious Munich

Munich possesses the sternness of buildings that cannot be found anywhere else in Germany.
In this old city visitors will find attractive historic building and monuments. If you are interested,
then plan a trip and visit
Arrival and Stay:
Flights are available from around the world to Munich Airport. There is good public
transportation system that includes buses and subways to the city from the airport. To look for
cheap and best hostels to stay, visit

Top Attractions:

This city hall is the most famous square in Munich. Built in the Gothic Revival
style, it features most of the Wittelsbach rulers.
Englischer Garten-

It is one of the world’s largest urban parks, stretched from the city center to
northwest Munich.

This famous brewery is one of the oldest in town, built in 1569 by Wilhelm V,
Duke of Bavaria and served as the official brewery for Munich’s royalty.
Munich Frauenkirche-

This famous landmark was built in the 15 th century taking 20 years of
time. It served as the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Munich.
Nymphenburg Palace

It celebrates the birth of an heir to the Bavarian throne, built by the
parents of Maximillian II Emanuel in 1664.
BMW Welt & Museum-

It is the best place to learn about BMW. Here you can gain knowledge
of the company’s latest product offerings.
Munich Residenz-

It was home of the Bavarian rulers, the Wittelsbachs for centuries. It is open
to public since 1920.
Deutsches Museum

This museum is a world class science and technology museum that
appeals to visitors of all ages. Visitors can take guided tours through the museum’s 50 exhibit
Pinakothek Museums

These are three museums- Old, New and Modern. They cover art
galleries, outstanding collection of paintings, 19 th century arts and modern art.

Allianz Arena Stadium-

This stadium seats more than 75000 spectators. It is famous for its
panels that change colors depending on the team and type of match.

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