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A cheap city trip to Budapest is not so difficult to arrange for yourself. There are plenty of price fighters flying to Budapest and accommodation in this Eastern European city is still very affordable. However, an extremely cheap city trip to Budapest, as we did, is a bit harder, but there’s just a lot of fun going to see. And when we were looking for a return trip to Budapest for a long weekend, during a promotion of one of those well-known prisoners, 1 million tickets for only 1 euro cents per piece. Then the choice was made for us: 2 return tickets Budapest for the astronomical amount of 4 eurocents can not be missed by your nose ?!

The search for accommodation in Budapest ends when we look at a website with apartments, Amadeus . Lots of privacy and center in the center is promised. In addition, a free transfer from the airport to the apartment of choice and thus we can also save the cost of a taxi to the city center. For no more than 150 euros for a long weekend, we can call the temporary owners of a 2-room apartment.

Deferred trip to Budapest

We will have a good time on May 13 at Schiphol. When we left home we checked in online and our flight to Budapest just seemed to leave on time. Unfortunately, this seems to be something else when we enter the departure hall and look up the counter on the monitors. An hour and a half delay will be added. After a text message, Amadeus is also informed and we hope that picking up now will not be a problem, as we will arrive at noon at noon instead of 11 o’clock. Some time later, the departure time changes: another half hour delay. And a voucher for collecting a free meal as an excuse. However, if there is a delay of half an hour on the screen, this excuse and the delicious ice cream at MC Donalds are soon forgotten. We decide to inform Amadeus personally and to inform you if anybody else will be waiting for us on arrival. Fortunately, this does not seem to be a problem and from then on, waiting is suddenly a lot less severe. There will be anybody who can take us to the apartment even though we arrive at the middle of the night. Eventually our plane leaves at 00.15 on 14 May. In any event, we do not have to fly the 13th on Friday.

to Budapest with delayFinally to Budapest with a considerable delay

Arrival in Budapest

By half past three we are by customs and we see our name swing on a paper in the air: we are expected. A lovely lady has been waiting for us for hours because her last bus to the airport was around 12 o’clock. She quickly manages our taxi, including a real formula 1 driver behind the wheel. The car seats in the back of the car are not usable, and our guide and driver are also not the least interested in their own seat belt. But fortunately, we are pushed back in our chairs by the speed of the taxi and we do not need those belts at all. It will be another story if we continue the turn with 140 kilometers per hour where a sign stands next to 60, sitting upright there is some trouble. Fortunately, the high speed is very short and we can travel for about 10 minutes and 20 kilometers for our apartment in the heart of Budapest. In another 10 minutes we have been able to process the keys of our Hungarian house, a map of the center and a large amount of verbal Hungarian-German information and we can finally find our bed.

Budapest Day 1

After a very short but good night’s sleep and a short visit to the 24-hour supermarket near us, we can finally walk into the city center. The tourist-based Váci Utca shopping street leaves us soon, and we see for the first time the city with all its beautiful bridges on the Danube. Because we are already at the Elisabeth bridge we decide to cross it first and head towards the Citadel. It’s a steep climb up, but the view over Budapest with its beautiful parliament building on the Danube is getting more beautiful. Upstairs we can see all of Budapest, beyond the Magherita island. We visit the Citadel where an impressive exhibition can be seen, including pictures of the Second World War and the devastations in Budapest that originated therefrom. Once again we eat our first Hungarian bread on top of the Gellértberg, and with this view we are immediately in love with Budapest.

Buddhist views from the hillsCross the chain bridge in Budapest and enjoy the view from the hills

After that we descended to the Gellért monument just above the Elisabeth bridge and continued our way towards Castle Castle. Because the castle hill is a lot lower than the Gellért hill we climbed before and because it is a budget trip, we do not take the cable car up, but we walk again. Once again better visions and finally the beautiful castle on top.

A little further down the hill we find one of Budapest’s most famous icons, the fishing bastion. This is a fairytale-like building with several towers and views, among other things, down to the rest of the city. The Matthiaskerk, across from the fishermen’s bastion, is even more beautiful than outside when we see some pictures of the church right next to the entrance. Unfortunately, the door closes just before our nose and we have to wait until the next day to take a look.

fishing bastion budapestThe fishing bastion is one of Budapest’s icons

End of the day with the Budapest pastry test

We continue our walk through the castle district and see beautifully colored houses and palaces everywhere. A pastry in Budapest’s most famous bakery, Ruszwurm, was unfortunately not given to us, waiting for a quarter of a minute to be helped in this much too busy but tiny business we decide on the bakery of the shop around the corner of our apartment to submit to a test. We will soon take a short break in the village’s square, near the Matthias church, before starting the walk back down. The local people read the newspaper. After a new walk we reach our own district again and soon we see the “shop-at-the-corner”. Of course, we want to try all kinds of cakes they have, and we all designate different pastries. The boy behind the showcase, which does not speak German or English, does not fully understand this and eventually we go with 3 pastries, some unknown products that look hot and have a good bottle of wine out the door. Everything tastes delicious and we do not get our cottage out of the evening, it’s a lot of walking, little sleep and the wine breaks us up!

Budapest castle hillThe castle hill with stately, pastel buildings, the Matthias church and the life of everyday life

Budapest day 2

Prima slept, this time slightly longer than the day before. One of Budapest’s top attractions is just a 5-minute walk from our apartment: the Dohány Synagogue.There we go first this morning. There is some confusion about ticket sales, but after half an hour in a row, then 5 minutes in a wrong row and then a few minutes in the only real cashier row we are in. The interior of this largest synagogue of Europe is beautiful and the monument and the graves in the garden impressive.
Because today’s Sunday we decide to keep it faith and visit the Stefanskerk, just 5 minutes walk in the other direction from the apartment. In the church there is just one service going on and so we can prosecute our site-seeing-sunday blessed.With the elevator we go to the church’s dome and enjoy a great view of Budapest.Then the third church of the day: we go back to the Matthias church. The walls of the church are beautifully painted and we also admire some relics here. After that we make a Sunday walk along the Danube and have a relaxing afternoon with ice cream on the Margherita island. At the end of the day, our feet and we were quite broke and we decided on day 3 of our trip to baptize “Monday, public transport day”.

Churches and Synagogue BudapestThe churches synagogue of Budapest are worth a visit

Budapest day 3

But yes, if it’s so far we’re too curious about what’s on the way all the way to see and we’re still heading for the Millennium Monument to the Hero Square. The Heroes Square makes an incredible East European and hurry Berlin impression on us. The picture is complete when a Trabant passes. We are in the back park with the fairytale Vajdahunyak castle on the water. Then just enter the metro and this proves to be a pleasant experience in Budapest. Very clean, well arranged and above all very safe. This is true for the whole city, both in the evening and during the daytime. We are fast at Ferenciek Tere. Nearby is one of Budapest’s market halls, but it is unfortunately closed because it is Pentecost. Fortunately, the green Szabadsag bridge is still there, and we cross this over to the Gellért bath and the nice same-name rock church opposite.

A tram and city train take us from here to the suburbs of Budapest. Stamping the transport tickets shows a story apart. Inserting the card into the device alone is not enough here. You also have to give a moment to the “lid” of the thing, so that some holes in your card are pricked. It takes us the full ride in the tram to discover this. First we visit the Roman settlement Aquincum, a large open-air museum just outside of Budapest. After that we will see some other Roman and communist remains in the Obuda district. The Roman remains are no longer inhabited, the Stalinist still. What a ugly baking that flats, you will live there. You will not be happy about that, I think.

Budapest suburbsTake a look at the suburbs of Budapest, just to taste the atmosphere

Back in the center we eat a delicious goulash and grilled potatoes with meat and vegetables before we call it one day. After all, tomorrow we can get up early to get our flight to Amsterdam. Budapest, what were you beautiful? We will definitely be back!

Do you also want to make a cheap city trip Budapest?

Do you also want a cheap to Budapest? As cheap as we do is of course unique but with the tips below you do not have to lose much more for a citytrip Budapest:

  • For a ride you fly with Wizzair from Eindhoven to Budapest. Start early with search so you have the chance to get the cheapest tickets for € 14.99 one way. From Brussels, you will also fly back to Budapest with Ryanair, but you will of course lose extra transport to and from the airport.
  • If you pack a little handy, you can take a hand-luggage , especially for a city trip . This way you can take your luggage free with a low cost airline.
  • Do not you include airport transfer to your accommodation? Then a 72-hour public transport pass is a good purchase. You can buy this at the airport right away, just like all other available tickets and fit. More information and prices in a handy overview can be found on the website of BKK .
  • Are you already in town and do not you want to walk whole pieces as we did? Then you can choose to explore Budapest on the bike. We cycled through Valencia and that’s our superstars. You do not have to wait for the next tram, bus or metro and always cycle from door to door. In addition, you are often cheaper than by public transport.
  • Do not feel like traditional bicycle rental, or looking for an even cheaper option? With MOL Bubi, you can borrow a green bike at more than 100 places in the city, to deliver it to any other MOL Ubi station, or take a new bike. You pay the small amount of € 1.60 per day or € 3.20 per 72 hours and may use a bike for 30 minutes. Do you keep the bike longer? Then you pay some extra.
  • Eating out is not expensive in Budapest. For less than 10 euros you can enjoy a tasty goulash with a drink and a snack, especially if you leave the tourist streets behind you and sit in a side street.
  • I’m never such a supporter of city maps that give you free access to all public transport and a number of tourist highlights for 24 or 72 hours. I’m someone who rather takes time to see things and such a card always gives me a bit of a hurry feeling. Would you like to see much in a short while

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