Double SitonTop Kayaks

Kayaking is a famous extreme water sport. That cannot be played without proper training or guidance.Though dangerous it is the most amazing way to explore thousands of kilometers of rush rivers. The best joys that comes with kayaking is a relaxing day on the water, a warm breeze rolling by and some beautiful sceneries. The name basically comes from kayak (kayak originates from the Greenlandic word qajaq) which is a one person specially designed boat where a person sits inside the kayak. Some types of kayaking are sea kayaking, touring kayaking, whitewater kayaking, recreational kayaking, and sit on top kayaking.

Double SitonTop Kayaks

This old traditional style is being taken over by the double sit-on-top kayaks. Instead of fully covered “cockpit”, sit on tops kayaks provide an open top for easier exit and entry. They’re a favorite for fishing, surfing and diving. The biggest advantage of these double sit-on-top kayak is that paddlers with large body type, long legs or lesser flexibility can comfortably sit and enjoy the sport.

Other than this some other advantages are:

  • Self-rescue
  • Easy to learn
  • More fun
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easier to handle

Keep some important factors in mind when you buy a kayak

  • Where are you going to do kayaking in a river/lake/sea?
  • No of people will be with you?
  • Any pet?
  • How much use you will get of your new kayak.
  • Vessel size you can easily carry.

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