Checklist for the Ultimate Road Trip in Queensland

If you are looking at a road trip in Queensland, you should certainly start by doing some research into where you will be travelling, and top quality car rental at Brisbane airport.

Check out the attractions you are interested in seeing, make a list, and figure out a realistic time frame for seeing them. Look into great car hire deals as soon as possible and don’t leave everything till the last moment.

Time and planning

Give yourself extra time for anything unforeseen that may just pop up, as a long trip can be exhausting if you’re not used to it. You will need a map and/or a GPS, whichever you’re happier with, but make sure the maps aren’t old and that the GPS is up to date!

If you are looking atvan rental or car hire in Australia, tell them where you are going, and they will give expert advice on where to go during your trip.


If travelling with youngsters, consider what they will be doing when you’re driving. Children do get bored easily, so have some games or something for them to do. Children also need to stretch their legs, so take a break every couple of hours and let them wander around a bit.

A break is also good for you too, especially if you are driving, as the change of scenery will enable you to get refocused enough to then continue driving safely.


Have enough money for fuel, food, and accommodation along the journey. For a smooth trip, try to book, things like airport car hire, hotels, motels or campsites in advance. If you don’t, have a back-up plan, in case of any problems with reservations or when a campsite is fully booked.


Think about fuel prices, and try to work out roughly how much the trip will cost. Food and drinks, will cost a small amount of money on a road journey, so make a daily allowance and be sure to put a little extra cash aside in case of any unforeseen events.

It’s also a great idea to consider pocket money, i.e. money spent on tourist items and other expenses, as in admission to tourist attractions, etc.

Foresight Helps

Find out if anything is going on along your route, things like building work, toll gates, and keep an eye out for the weather.

  • It might just be possible to make use of other various routes to circumvent such problems.

Doing some easy research on the internet during the week before your voyage,regarding things such as airport rentals, will help to make sure that you can get around any problem routes or hazardous areas that will slow you down

Have a great trip and please make sure to drive carefully!

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