Cheap On Holiday In The School Holiday

Cheap on vacation during the school vacation, is that possible? Very honest: not in high season! Then affordable is your best option. High season are Christmas and the building. And Christmas may be more than the construction, especially if you want to go to the sun. There I came back last month, when I really sat down on 4 return trips to where you can eat ice-cream in December and enjoy a nice view in a t-shirt under a palm tree. Eventually we go for a week and a half to the Canary Islands for an acceptable price, but there was a lot of study on ticket prices, a call to the airline and a great search for accommodation in advance. What I learned from it, I share here so that you can: cheap on holiday in the school holiday. Well yes .. affordable than.

Departure from Germany

Flight tickets from Bremen and Düsseldorf are often cheaper than Schiphol. If you live in the east of the country and would like to spend a cheap holiday in the school holiday, then you are sure to look at it. We even drove to Frankfurt once, because we were considering the 3 hour travel for flights that were more than 400 euros cheaper. Especially from the south of the Netherlands this is very good. If you fly in Europe, Düsseldorf-Weeze, Münster and Cologne are nice regional airports, where the price fighters have a wide range of destinations. Another nice additional part for cheaper travel from Germany: the parking is also a lot cheaper at the airports than in the Netherlands.

Cheap on holiday in the school holiday from GermanyCheap on holiday in the school holiday from Germany

Or just book a German holiday

In Germany, there are many more travel providers than in the Netherlands and because of this additional competition prices are often also lower. This really does not always have to be this way, and I’m quite well-trained in finding cheap ticketsand accommodations, but finding a good deal is just as easy in Germany. If you want a cheap holiday in the school holiday and would like to book a complete holiday, then this is definitely worth a trip to compare with the prices of Dutch vacations. There are several sites like , where German holidays of all the different providers are put under each other.

Cheap on holiday in the school holiday, preferably in the May holidays

If you have a choice, go away in the May holidays. Many schools nowadays have 2 weeks of May holidays, which means that you can spend 16 days apart and prices are much lower than in summer or Christmas. Flying from Germany is extra advantageous in the May holidays, because they do not have a May holidays.Another reason to leave at our Oosterburen, if the distance allows. And in southern Europe it is often surprisingly beautiful in May.

Cheap on holiday in the May holidaysCheap on holiday in the May holidays, it is often surprisingly beautiful in southern Europe

Still in the Christmas holidays away? Find your tickets early!

Normally, airline tickets arrive 11 months before departure online at the airline.For the cheapest tickets in the school holidays, you can compare prices at the moment. For the summer vacation you will have the opportunity to find good deals in January, if different companies have sales. However, for departures and return flights that fall into the building sector, it is even more difficult. If you want a holiday on Christmas holidays, you will have to book early in February. Check daily if your return date is already online and book immediately if you see something you’re on. Especially the cheap tickets to the sun are often gone within a few days.

Do you go for the tickets that come online 11 months in advance?Please note that you can only book as soon as your return is 11 months in the future.

Do not book your sunshine around Christmas at the price fighters if you would like affordable airline tickets. How often we also go cheap on holiday in the school holiday, which does not apply to the Christmas holidays. For 2 years in a row, I find out that the tickets are from the first day they are online 4x as expensive as on other dates!

Cheap on holiday in the Christmas holidaysCheap on holiday to the sun with Christmas? Do not choose for the price fighters

Cheap on holiday in summer vacation

As I said before, it is wise to go outside the building as much as possible if you want a cheap holiday in the summer holiday. The Netherlands is divided into 3 parts: south, middle and north. In turn, the 3 regions are early, middle and late to start their 6 weeks school holiday. Are you early this year? Then you will go on vacation right away if you want cheap. And the good deals for those who are the last to turn have been especially in the last few weeks. This way you avoid the building compartment and that’s huge in the wallet.

Do you really want to save on your summer vacation? Then go by car instead of by plane. You would almost forget that it is possible, but making a road trip andcamping is often a celebration for children and certainly if you are 4 or more people are usually a lot more advantageous than flying.

On Airbnb, prices are often the same in the school vacation

Have I ever told how such an Airbnb fan I am? 😉 First of all because of the space you often find, if you book an apartment here. The lower costs to many other sites with accommodation are also nice. But what I realized this week is that prices are often almost the same, at what time of year you also book. Some accommodations are more expensive during the Christmas season, but the rest of the year is almost the same, so also in the summer holidays. Others are even as Christmas as just as any other day, even though the real sun destinations often or slightly increase, but pieces less than on many other sites.

Do you want to stay overnight for free? Then go for a surfer, that can also be a family! And do you want more privacy? Then house exchange may be an option for you.

Cheap on vacation in school holidays to whereCheap on holiday in school holidays to lesser known destinations

Cheap on holiday in the school vacation, where do you say?

Do you really want a cheap vacation in the school holiday? Then go to a place where (almost) no one else goes. For example, in the May holidays we fly for a hate crat to Latvia, to explore Riga and the country itself. Two years back we had a great time in Tallinn . Flying to Agadir with Christmas is still quite popular and so not very cheap, but nobody draws Morocco and so we really slept for an apple and an egg in places like Amtoudi and Sidi Ifni .

You will not immediately be in the most hip resort in an all inclusive, but if this is not your style, I would definitely look further than the standard destinations. All 3 of the destinations I mentioned above are just a beach. With the same sand as at the famous, popular places and with the same sun. And yes, in Riga and Tallinn it is also sunny, even more: the May holidays fall into the sunniest period of the year for the region!

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