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North India: A Vast Expanse of Culture and People

India is one of the largest countries in the world, with an area of over three million square kilometres. There exists a varying degree of terrain and climate across the entire landscape of India. One of the major parts of the sub-continent is North India, a dry place with a fluctuating amount of heat and […]

Holi offers

Don’t be shy – Holi hai!

The vibrant festival of colours is back – and you can be the centre of attention with your stylish clothing and boisterous play. But first, you need to get shopping with Holi offers. It’s that time of the year again, when the air is rife with many hues and every person is unrecognisable with colours […]

Thailand Tourists

Thailand Without Tourists

Thailand has become incredibly touristy in many places, and for an authentic view on the country, you will really have to go off the beaten track. Fortunately, Thailand without tourists is never really far away. Take a single bus with only Thai letters from a random provincial capital and you’ll be in places where people […]

Sun Holiday September For Little

Sun Holiday September For Little

Well, that’s it. The summer. Even though the coming week seems to be nice again in the coming week, the real sun and heat are now leaving. Such a pity! Can a sunshine September make it even better for you? Read on soon, because I share a few of which you will not be depressed […]

In The School Holiday

Cheap On Holiday In The School Holiday

Cheap on vacation during the school vacation, is that possible? Very honest: not in high season! Then affordable is your best option. High season are Christmas and the building. And Christmas may be more than the construction, especially if you want to go to the sun. There I came back last month, when I really […]

Sailboat And Baby Interview

World Trip With Sailboat And Baby Interview

Worldwide with a sailboat sounds exciting enough, but a world trip with the sailboat AND a baby? For many young parents a baby is already having enough adventure, even without traveling with their child. Joost and Ilse sailed around the world when they became pregnant. And instead of returning home, they sailed further, the world […]