Canaima National Park: safeguarding the Guayana Shield

Canaima National Park is positioned in the south-eastern region of Venezuela in the state of Bolívar on the brink of the boundaries with Guyana as well as Brazil. Canaima National Park  is popular among tourist coming for Venezuela adventure trips. This park guards the north-western subdivision of the Guayana Shield, which is an antique geological formation that is been shared with the Guianas, Brazil, as well as Colombia. This park was been established in the year 1962 by means of a total area of almost 10,000 sq km, on the other hand its size was augmented up to 30,000 sq km in the year 1975 with the purpose of safeguarding the defining moment functions of the river basins. In addition at that particular time it turned out to be the largest national park in world, its total area being comparable to that of the state of Belgium located in Europe, or else larger than Maryland.

Canaima National Park

In acknowledgment of its astonishing scenery as well as biological and geological values, this park was been approved World Heritage Status in the year 1994, as  a result forming one of the selected listing of 126 natural as well as natural-cultural worldwide World Heritage Sites that were declared by UNESCO. Canaima National Park in reality satisfied the entire the four criterions of UNESCO in favor of criterion as a World Heritage land. As luck would have it, the name of this park that is been derived from the renowned novel “Canaima” that was been written by Rómulo Gallegos, who was Venezuelan author connotes “spirit of evil” in the local language of the Pemón, who are the inhabitants of this park.

The best-acknowledged features of Canaima National Park are the characteristic mountain formations that are flat-topped identified as tepuis as of the neighborhood local name. All of these mountains were popularized in a number of novels as of the early division of this century, various of them were inspired by the British botanist Everard Im Turn of 19th Century who lectured all the way through Europe on his come back. The mainly far and wide recognized of these numerous novels is The Lost World that was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is the author of another popular novel the Sherlock Holmes novels that describes the gradient of a plateau of South America that is been inhabited by means of prehistoric plants as well as dinosaurs.

The geological narration of this area is barely ostensibly unstated. There are around three most important geological formations. In addition the oldest among them is an essential igneous-metamorphic crypt that is been formed a little 1.2 to 3.6 billion yrs ago at the same time South America was coupled to the continent of Africa moreover was known as the super continent of Gondwanaland. From 1.6 to 1 billion yrs ago, this region was overlaid by means of a sedimentary envelop. The foremost of all these formations is in addition profoundly covered to be noticeable inside this park, on the other hand subsequent (identified as the Roraima Group) outlines the center of the astonishing topography of the area. It includes quartzite as well as sandstone strata that were in all probability laid downward in the shallow seas or else the big inland lakes all through the Pre-Cambrian era.

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