Benefits buffet dinner in Shah Alam


When you opt for a buffet dinner, you get the variety of foods which are worth your money. In case, you opted to buy each plate of different meals offered in the buffet you would end up paying a lot of money. Hotels offering such services are also benefited comparing to those which lack such system. Due to the realization that most the event owners, family members as well as other groups prefer buffet Concorde has endorsed, meals from different cultures buffet dinner in Shah Alam

The hotel rotates foods according to the inventory and surprises customers with new dishes. This is a great marketing strategy for the hotel especially during holidays and other festivals as well.

Healthy buffet concept

Most of the hotel chains are built through the concept of healthy buffet picks. With an array of soups, salad bars, and fresh produce, the chain has several units. The hotels receive a thorough scrutiny from the public and private advocates who advise on healthy, fresh and organic ingredients. It is easy to put a balanced diet together especially when you have not paid separately for each meal.

Many people are served.

With buffet dinner system many people can be served with a limited number of staff members taking part. In this case, the hotel can reap a huge turnover since the turnover is large since the tariff is higher when compared to the traditional hotels.

Buffer hotels implement strategy since not every person can eat as much as possible. This, therefore, implies that those individuals who consume less tend to subsidize those who consume more than the price is uniform.


One of the major drawbacks is that there is huge wastage with this kind of system. Chefs will cook different varieties of foods of which you do not know what would be consumed and what not. It is also unpredictable of whether the hotel will be full on any specific day to consume the prepared meals.

Final verdict

For a classic option, a buffet is always the best options when it comes to large gatherings together with other special occasions. A stand-alone hotel theme, buffets have become a perfect way for catering services, especially for large crowds. Hotel managers dress their buffets with sophisticated foods and drinks pairings plus unique presentations.

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