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Bikaner Travel Guide Backstreet

Bikaner is a busy, smelly city in the dry Thar desert of Rajasthan and one of the least visited major cities in this state. Anyone who takes the trouble to go to Bikaner usually comes for the beautiful Junagarh Fort, with its red-stone walls on the outside and exuberant splendor inside. Indeed Junagarh is definitely […]

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5 Tips To Use Instagram As A Travel Guide

Instagram we all know. It’s a great way to share your photos on what Starbucks missed your name, how wonderful the sunset in South Africa is and how to envy your followers while driving on a cable car through the Costa Rican jungle . But what you might not know is the fact that Instagram […]

South Africa Travel With Children Teenagers

South Africa Travel With Children Teenagers

More and more busy parents discover that traveling by South Africa with (small) children and teenagers is very fun. Children are curious and look at the world in a different way. In South Africa you combine an adventure trip with a relaxing holiday. We have made a separate website for South Africa traveling with children: […]

Sailboat And Baby Interview

World Trip With Sailboat And Baby Interview

Worldwide with a sailboat sounds exciting enough, but a world trip with the sailboat AND a baby? For many young parents a baby is already having enough adventure, even without traveling with their child. Joost and Ilse sailed around the world when they became pregnant. And instead of returning home, they sailed further, the world […]

10 Facts About South Africa

10 Facts About South Africa

Things you may have already known, but maybe not yet. 10 useful and less useful facts about South Africa: 1. In South Africa 11 official languages are spoken. Of which 40% of the population speak Zulu or Xhosa. Fortunately, almost everybody speaks English and is also Afrikaans as a main language. This seems a lot in Dutch. In particular, traffic […]

Travelers At The Moment Anita & Hans Beukers

Travelers At The Moment Anita & Hans Beukers

Travelers Anita and Hans Beukers went to South Africa in April / May and shared their experiences. They provide fun and useful tips, so it is recommended to read! Start of the journey in Johannesburg and the Kruger Park We left with KLM on April 26 to Johannesburg . There we were picked up with a taxi bus and […]

Travelers At The Word: Safaribeleving Van Fam.

Travelers At The Word: Safaribeleving Van Fam. Verlaan

The beauty of South Africa is that it is a very versatile and accessible country. It’s easy to get around and you’ll find a nice combination of nature and culture. If you are going to South Africa, visiting Kruger Park or one of the other wildlife parks should not be missed. Going safari is an absolute highlight, as […]

Special Overnight In South Africa

5x Special Overnight In South Africa

Our hotels and guesthouses are comfortable, atmospheric and comfortable. Still, we sometimes like to sleep a little easier, because it is extra attractive in some places. For example, in a hive house in Swaziland or a homestay at the Xhosa. Other times we would like to get out with some luxury, because in some places you earn just […]

Safaris Kayaking Between Whales And Penguins

On Sea Safaris Kayaking Between Whales And Penguins

At South Africa and safari you may not think about the ‘Marine Big Five’ directly. Because next to the Big Five of land animals – the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard – South Africa also has a Big Five of marine animals! This consists of whale, dolphin, shark, penguin and fur robbery (a kind of sea […]

South Africa in the Rijks Museum

South Africa in the Rijks Museum

Is a beautiful trip to Zulu’s land, the green Drakens mountains, the Big 5 and the impressive Cape Region on schedule or still on your travel list? Then this cultural activity (before) is a nice and good preparation! At the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is currently the exhibition ‘ Good Hope’. South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600 ‘ . It […]