Anandpur Sahib – An Important Sacred Place of Sikhs

A cult was bred which was taught to be socially responsible and invincible at an individual level. The land that gave rise to Khalsa Panth – it was none other than this blessed land of Sri Anandpur Sahib.

Sri Anandpur Sahib bears the signs of chivalry and leadership of an unparalleled level born out of the struggle of a small community that strived to save themselves from the Mughals. The air of this land speaks of the great Sikh Guru who gave his young sons to this land, who combated thousands of Mughal soldiers with a handful of mighty fighters. To be able to understand the mindset of such a leader would be an achievement in itself. Thus was laid the foundation of the mightiest breed of a human race that is known to the world as the Sikhs. Invariably, Andandpur Sahib is a sacred place for the Sikhs.

A Major Crowd Puller In Spiritual Tourism

Every year thousands of people flock to Sri Anandpur Sahib to soak their souls in the spiritual and sacrosanct vibes of this blessed land. The beauty of this place is that it is still untouched by the vices of modern lifestyle.  The village still preserves the richness of the rural life, the farms and the soil, the mountains and the river and the earliest form of Sikh martial art. The visitors are in for this entire awesome experience and more. There are lots of spiritual tours package providers in market.

The village is strewn with a number of Gurdwaras. The hymns of Shabad fill the air to spread its sacred vibes to every soul it touches. Visitors are even encouraged to keep paath – a special recitation of the spiritual hymns. The richness in simple and rustic lifestyle is something that every visitor wants to experience. They take back the memories and the experience with them to their city life.

Where To Stay In Anandpur Sahib

There are a plenty of lodging options to suit the budget and taste of visitors from all walks of life. For people who are thinking about where to stay in Anandpur Sahib, are sure to be spoilt for choice. However, if someone is looking to enjoy the luxuries of nature and farm along with spirituality, opting for a luxury farm resort will be a good idea.

There are some exclusive properties that bring together the experience of a rustic life, farm lands, the gurgling river and the mountains. Visitors are treated with food cooked out of the farm fresh vegetables and pulses. They can tour the village to experience the rustic lifestyle. They can visit the historic spots that this place is filled with and make memories with your friends and families that would last a lifetime.

Places like Sri Anandpur Sahib are rare in the whole of India. Such a place that brings together mysticism, history, agricultural richness and heritage is a must visit for every travel enthusiast.

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