5x Special Overnight In South Africa

Our hotels and guesthouses are comfortable, atmospheric and comfortable. Still, we sometimes like to sleep a little easier, because it is extra attractive in some places. For example, in a hive house in Swaziland or a homestay at the Xhosa. Other times we would like to get out with some luxury, because in some places you earn just a little more. Our Cape Wine Farm is an example of this. We will take you to five of our accommodation gems in South Africa.

Sleeping in a hive house in Swaziland
The small kingdom of Swaziland is a whole different world compared to the neighboring country of South Africa. Here a king with fourteen women and countless warriors reigns and finds countryside with huts, a traditional culture and nature parks. Here you can sleep in a typical Swazi accommodation: a traditional hive house in a hut village with basic comfort. When you have hatched your beehive house in the morning (the doors are low), nature is on your feet, ready to be discovered. As a result of your reed accommodation, you are walking to Swaziland’s largest nature park called Mlilwane.

Special Overnight In South Africa

A bushcamp in the middle of a private reserve

The ultimate safari experience: Sleep in a small bush camp in a private game reserve , just outside the Kruger Park and without fencing. Wild animals can literally walk through the camp! You wake up between the animals in your safari tent and dine in the open air. Wow To complete the bush feeling there is no electricity: water is boiled on the campfire and your room is lit with oil lamps. Both in the morning and in the afternoon you can play gamedrive or gamewalk with an experienced guide and tracker. This is one of the most wild areas of South Africa and is therefore seen as the place to spot the Big Five.

Cape farm between the vineyards

On the western cape, around Stellenbosch is a vast wine region where sounding wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot are made. The best way to go exploring here? By bike! Under the guidance of a local guide you cycle through the vast valleys, across small paths and along grape trout. Wineries donate the glasses so you can taste the locally made wines themselves. To stay in the mood you can sleep here on a ‘bijsonder plekkie’: a typical Cape wine estate . Of course you will have a tour of the wine cellar and taste the best wines.

Homestay at the Xhosa

Knysna is the ideal base on the Garden Route, centrally located and with a cozy waterfront. Behind this place with luxury villas on the water here and there you will find the townships. Experience the other side of South Africa and see how the local Xhosa population (with the so-called “click” language) lives today. Do not expect a tourist show, but a genuine tour of their daily lives. Even more intense, you can experience this when you spend the night at the Xhosa home in a homestay. We met a friendly family who built their house with an extra floor where they can receive guests. They find it incredibly fun to show and feel their culture.

Mountain cave in the Drakens mountains

The Drakensberg massif has summits from 1700 to 3500 meters and consists mainly of overgrown basalt mountains where numerous mountain streams pass through. Mountain boots, laces stretched, day backpack and ‘stay on the road’ because you can walk beautifully here. Barren-shaped mountains, green flower fields and water that climbed tens of meters are your views these days. You are sleeping here in a mountain cave overlooking the high peaks in the Champagne Valley. Due to its location in the middle of the mountain rug, this is the ideal base for hiking in the area. If you’re refreshed by the fresh mountain air in the evening, you can crawl in one of the lounge desks for the fireplace.

Do you want to spend the night in a special place in South Africa? The fun is, you do not even have to choose! Build your own South Africa trip . The travel specialists have traveled all the corners of the country and advise you from their own experience.

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