Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park: safeguarding the Guayana Shield

Canaima National Park is positioned in the south-eastern region of Venezuela in the state of Bolívar on the brink of the boundaries with Guyana as well as Brazil. Canaima National Park  is popular among tourist coming for Venezuela adventure trips. This park guards the north-western subdivision of the Guayana Shield, which is an antique geological […]

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North India: A Vast Expanse of Culture and People

India is one of the largest countries in the world, with an area of over three million square kilometres. There exists a varying degree of terrain and climate across the entire landscape of India. One of the major parts of the sub-continent is North India, a dry place with a fluctuating amount of heat and […]

Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia

Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia

If you want to spend some luxurious holiday then Croatia is the name for you. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is really worth seeing one.If you are planning to spend some luxurious time somewhere for your holiday then you must plan a trip to Croatia. From luxurious hotels, […]